Stuffed Pepper Bites with Brown Rice


6 oz of lean Ground Beef with Brown Rice and Green Pepper,

3/4 cup Brown Rice,

1 cup low carb veggie.

Contains: Egg 



Lean ground beef with brown rice and green peppers, served with brown rice and a low carb veggie (veggies change based on availability).  You can switch the brown rice out for either another veggie or for any of the other starch’s.  You can also have an order of the cauliflower Mac n Cheese ($1.50 up charge) instead of the starch which will make this meal Keto friendly.
Please include special instructions if you want replacements or changes.  It may be best to call or e-mail me with special requests.
Let me know if you have any food allergies or considerations.
428 Calories, 30g of Protein, 55g of Carbs, 12g of Fat


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