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In 2011 I started a health Journey to focus on getting healthy and losing weight. After 15 months, I lost over 200 lbs by eating portion controlled meals and walking. I then started to hit the gym and started eating “normal”.

As I started looking for healthy, convenient and tastee options I found that I could choose one of the three. If it was convenient (and considered healthy) it was full of chemicals and preservatives that didn’t fit into my view of how I wanted to fuel my body. I began looking for options that were tastee, fit into my macros and would not put chemicals into my system. I wanted to eat the way we were intended to eat and enjoy a snack or even (*gasp*) candy from time to time.
So, I searched the internet looking for options that would create tastee items that satisfied my sweet tooth and didn’t take me off track for my healthy goals.
After a lot of experimentation I started creating products that met my health goals and satisfied my sweet tooth. After a few years of making products for myself and others, my employer of 31 years decided it was time for me to retire. This gave me the opportunity to start bringing my healthy products to a larger audience of people.
At Beastly Treats and Healthy Eats, we focus on products that are low in sugar, use natural sugars (like Honey or Stevia), avoid Corn Syrup or other additives, and use as much “real” food as possible.
We also attempt to add protein and other functional ingredients to our products while still providing tastee products that people want to eat and not feel guilty about.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to bringing you the best in real food treats and snacking options to met your macros.

Low Sugar

Products designed around a HEALTHY level of sugar in your diet

High Protien

High Quality Whey or Casein Protein is used to provide needed dietary protein

Great Taste

If it doesn’t taste GREAT, we don’t make it

Natural Sugar

Honey and Stevia are our sweeteners of choice

Key Benefits and Ingredients